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ioSafe Solo News at CES 2010

Video: ioSafe external drive survives showdown with backhoe

Video: ioSafe Goes Crazy -- Burns, Drowns, and Crushes Solo SSD To Prove Toughness

Video: Watch a hard drive enclosure set on fire, then driven over by a backhoe

Video: Sacramento Region Startup ioSafe At CES -- Fire, Water, and Crushing Fail to Stop Their SSD Drive

Review: ioSafe's Solo SSD ditches platters, isn't worried about buildings collapsing on it

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Video: CES: IoSafe goes extreme with disaster-proof hard drive

IoSafe extreme 'demo-lition' (photos)

ioSafe SSD Demo, fun in the desert unless you're a hard drive

BBC News - 'Almost indestructible' hard drive put to the test

ioSafe's Solo SSD Survives One Disaster After Another

Indestructible Data: ioSafe at CES 2010

Extreme Tech Silde Show

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Stunts that work . ioSafe

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ioSafe Solo SSD Crushed By 35,000 Pound Tractor - Still Works

ioSafe Solo SSD Burnt Dropped Dunked Crushed and Still Keeps Data Safe

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ioSafe SSD Demo Video

ioSafe's fiery, crushing SSD demo at CES

The Best of CES 2010

ioSafe SSD Hard Drive Demo, Live from CES 2010

ioSafe Solo News at CES 2009

CES: Drowning and Broiling Your Hard Drive

The ioSafe Defies Fire and Water (CES 2009)

ioSafe has a great system to protect your hard drive's data. They demonstrated the efficacy of their product at the 2009 CES Show in Las Vegas by throwing an ioSafe hard drive into a swimming pool, heating it with a torch and then running data from it. Another great part of the ioSafe is their insurance...

25 Hot Products To See At CES 2009

Keep Data Safe . . . From Anything

"ioSafe will be demonstrating ioSafe Solo, an external hard drive that can withstand fire, temperatures up to 1,550 degrees, three days submersed 10 feet in fresh or salt water and pretty much anything else you or Mother Nature can throw its way. The drive connects via standard USB and is available in capacities of up to 1.5 TB, but starts at 500 GB for about $150..."

ioSafe Solo: Disaster-proof external hard drive

"Copying data to an external hard drive is probably the easiest, most popular way to back up. This won't help save important data against fire or flood, however, unless the external hard drive is the one unveiled by ioSafe at CES this year: the ioSafe Solo..."

CES: Iosafe starts the show with fireworks -- or, at least, a fire

"IoSafe is a company that, up until now, has provided enterprise-level disaster-safe storage. It is now entering the consumer market with its ioSafe Solo, a 3.5-inch external SATA hard drive that, according to the company, can withstand both flood and fire..."

Video: ioSafe Solo Fire/Flood Hard Disk Test Puts 'Will It Blend?' To Shame

"...I was being shown the ioSafe Solo, a fireproof and floodproof external hard drive that's the first consumer product from a company that's only done industrial and government stuff previously. They threw it in said green pool (sadly sans strippers, and sadly not a pool of champagne). Then they put it in a gas burner, cranking it up to 870+ degrees C..."

Flood + Fire + Hard Drive = Fun! (It Must be CES!)

ABC: Consumer Electronics Show Goes On Amid Downturn

Some years boast new, innovative products; other years showcase updates. This is one of those years in which improvements and updates dominate, he said...

CNET (Crave): Setting ioSafe's Solo on fire: The hottest blog ever!

ioSafe claims its disaster-proof Solo external hard drive can survive both water submersion and intense heat. At CES Thursday, the company set out to prove the drive's hardiness by tossing it into a pool for several minutes and then setting it on fire at more than 1,600 degrees. Crave contributor Dong Ngo watched the demo...

Engadget: ioSafe announces Solo, the external, submersible, fire-proof HDD enclosure

The last time we heard from ioSafe they were taking 2.5-inch HDDs, wrapping them in armor, then stuffing them into 3.5-inch enclosures -- adding fire and water protection in a standard form factor. Now they've given up on the internal route and have gone for something a little larger and more durable, fitting Western Digital or Seagate disks into hardened external USB 2.0 cases capable of being submersed in ten feet of water for three days or surviving a raging inferno for 30 minutes...

Network World: Fire, flood won't stop this hard drive

My favorite video from CES last week was this one we did with the folks at ioSafe, which is selling a $150 external hard drive that is completely waterproof and fireproof. To showcase how practically indestructible this enclosure / system is, we submerged the unit into a pool, and then set it on fire. The video says it all...

Computer Shopper: ioSafe Solo, Dry and Unmelted

If you've ever wanted to turn a flamethrower on a hard drive after it crashed and lost some valuable data, you've got nothing on the folks at ioSafe. They burn and drown hard drives on purpose, to prove that their external storage solutions will allow data on the drives to be accessed after even the most unthinkable calamities. But we wanted to see their tests for ourselves, and the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) seemed like a great place to do it...

Top Ten Reviews: ioSafe Demo Wows Journalists, Stings Nostrils

In a good way, of course. Noxious fumes do tend to make one nostalgic, or at least hallucinogenic. Seriously, though: I am impressed. Last night, we were treated to a night of limo rides, grub, beverages, and burnination by ioSafe. Taken to a secure location in the Vegas suburbs, we watched awestruck as ioSafe.s new SOLO backup drive was given the water torture and Bloody Mary witch treatment...

Notcot: ioSafe Solo ~ flaming HDs at CES- 01.08.09

Here's what i love about vegas -- you just never know what or where you'll end up -- tonight led us on an adventure into the vegas off-strip suburbs where we ended up tossing the latest ioSafe Solo external hard drive into the color changing rock fountain pool... pulled it out by a cord... then set it on fire! Only to cool it (with clouds of steam) with a hose... and take it all apart to show off the pristine hard drive contained with in... and of course we also cooked a standard hard drive as well, which didn't fare quite as nicely...

Extreme Tech: IOSafe Drives Burn, Drown, Survive

With red anodized cases, black piano finishes, and even leather wrappings, external hard drives come in many colors but are basically pretty comparable devices. At this year's Consumer Electronics Show, one new company hoped that its drives stood out. Startup IOSafe has devised new technology for securing data against such disasters as floods and fires, all for just a few dollars more...

Getty Images: The International Consumer Electronics Show Highlights Latest Gadgets

ioSafe, Inc. CEO Robb Moore speaks as an ioSafe Solo USB external hard drive is burned during a demonstration at the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show January 7, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada...

Top Ten Reviews: The Top 10 Products at CES

5. ioSafe Disaster-proof Data Storage - Any hard drive that can survive 10 minutes in a furnace at 1550 degrees Farenheit has to get some praise...

PR Newswire: ioSafe Unveils the ioSafe Solo - World's First 1.5TB External Hard Drive That Protects Against Data Loss From the Risks of Fires and Floods

ioSafe Inc., the technology solution vendor in disaster-proof hardware technologies and devices, introduced the ioSafe Solo, the world's first 1.5TB external hard drive with integrated ioSafe disaster protection technologies. Optimized to be a low cost external hard drive backup solution and improve the risks associated with data loss, the ioSafe Solo was introduced last week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas...

Tech Chuck: CES: Drowning and Broiling Your Hard Drive

The hard drive is a treasure trove of personal data. Most of ours are filled with gigs of memories that we can.t live without - family photos, documents, recordings. But if your home was engulfed in flames or drowning in a flood, reaching for your hard drive might not be the first thing that would come to mind...

PC Stats: 1500 degree Fire/Flood Proof External Hard Drive Enclosure

In all seriousness, it's about time a company introduced a product like this for the average consumer. As all information moves into the digital domain, mitigating loss during a home flood or fire is something a bare hard drive just really cannot do. Data recovery can help in some cases, but PCSTATS has gone down that route and the cost is typically $800-1300 per drive. The IOSafe Solo runs a very affordable $149 for the 500GB model, $199 for 1TB...

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