216 Features

  • Fire Protection
    Protects data from loss up to 1550°F for 1/2 hour per ASTM E119

    DataCast endothermic fire insulation technology protects your data from extreme heat. The DataCast formulation forms a chemical bond with water molecules that, at temperatures above 160°F, releases water vapor to limit the internal temperature of the unit during a fire.

  • Private Cloud
    Access your data from anywhere from any device.
    Fast local access (up to 100 MB/sec)

    All your data is in one spot. Fast when you're local and accessible when you're remote with just about any smartphone, tablet or computers. Enjoy virtually an unlimited amount of data storage and accessibility with none of the vulnerabilities and high fees of the public cloud.

  • Water Protection
    Protects data from loss up to 10ft for 72 hours.

    HydroSafe water barrier technology is designed to protect data loss from fresh or salt water damage, including full immersion. While keeping your data dry, the HydroSafe technology still allows heat to dissipate during normal operation.

  • Redundant Hard Drives (RAID)
    Automatically mirrors and protects against hard drive failure.

    With RAID 1, your hard drives are automatically redundant to guard against a single hard drive failure. The drives are hot-swappable in case of failure and will rebuild the volume back to a redundant state upon replacement.

  • Data Recovery Service

    The ultimate safety net for the ultimate NAS, the ioSafe Data Recovery Service (DRS) provides a multi-use, no questions asked data and hardware recovery service. For any loss, no matter the reason, ioSafe will ship, attempt recovery, spend up to $2500 per terabyte on forensic recovery if required and send data back on replacement product. First use of DRS has no deductible. DRS Pro is intended for our Pro-sumer and Business Users by covering the ioSafe device + the connected server or PC with limits up to $5000 per TB. Learn more about the DRS terms and conditions.

  • Active Airflow Cooling

    For optimum operating temperature, FloSafe active airflow cooling technology provides cooling airflow through the enclosure and across the disk drives during normal operating conditions. If destructive heat levels are sensed, such as in a fire, the FloSafe vent is designed to limit and protect your data from the extreme heat.

  • Theft Protection

    First - be creative. You can make this device a part of your wireless network and hide it anywhere inside your house or workplace. Hide it as you might a small safe. Additionally, a Kensington lock slot is standard. An optional floor mount / padlock kit enables the ioSafe 216 to bolt down to any surface or be secured with a cable & padlock. Securing the drive also prevents the drive from moving during a disaster.

    Encrypting data is essential to a healthy security policy. Equipped with a dedicated hardware encryption engine, the ioSafe 216 NAS is the ideal digital locker for sensitive data; files and folders are encrypted on the fly without any perceived performance loss.

World Class Apps

Apps make all the difference. We teamed with Synology to bring you world class DSM apps and operating system. Apps for backup, management, multimedia, productivity and surveillance. In addition to the list below, many more features of the Synology DSM community can be found here.

  • File Station

    File Station makes sharing and managing files easier and safer than ever. You can create folders, copy and delete files in between your PC and ioSafe 216; when you accidentally delete a file it can be easily restored in the recycle bin. For businesses, File Station can boost productivity with support for Google Docs, Windows ACL, speed limit for individual users, and many more.

  • Media Server

    Media Server can easily connect those devices such as TV sets and stereo systems to your home network, and stream multimedia files stored on DiskStation to the devices to enjoy music, photos, and videos.

  • Photo Station

    Photo Station is an online photo album integrated with a blog for you to easily share photos with friends and family.

  • Cloud Station

    Cloud Station is a file sharing service that specializes in file syncing between the ioSafe 216, PCs and Macs. Works like Dropbox but with none of the monthly fees or limitations.

  • Antivirus Essential Server

    Antivirus Essential is a free application to protect your ioSafe 216 from potential virus threats.

  • Audio Station

    Audio Station is a web-based audio application, allowing you to access the music library on your ioSafe 216 either at home or remotely.

  • Directory Server

    Directory Server provides LDAP service with centralized access control, authentication for our business users.

  • Download Station

    Download Station is a web-based download application, allowing you to post and allow co-workers to download large files from the ioSafe 216.

  • iTunes Server

    iTunes Server allows you to share the music and videos on your ioSafe 216 with iPhones, Macs, PC's, iPad or any other iTunes client.

  • Mail Station

    Mail Station provides a webmail service for you to access emails stored on your ioSafe 216.

  • Surveillance Station

    Surveillance Station is a web-based application that can manage IP cameras to safeguard your home or business.

  • Time Backup

    Time Backup is an innovative backup solution that backs up ioSafe 216 data in multiple versions.

  • Video Station

    Video Station lets you browse and organize all video contents stored in your ioSafe 216.

  • VPN Server

    VPN Server turns your ioSafe 216 into a Virtual Private Network server

In addition to the list above, more applications available on the ioSafe 216 powered by Synology DSM can be found here.

How does it work?
The ioSafe 216 connects to your home or business network, preferable at the main router or switch. A network drive (or "share") can be created that allows everyone on the local area network (LAN) with proper permissions to "see" the common drive and share the data. The data can also be made available to the wide area network (WAN - aka the Internet) by allow applications and data to be "forwarded" to the NAS at your router.

If you've never set up a network, get an experienced friend or call us - we're happy to help.

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