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ioSafe Disaster Proof Hardware
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ioSafe Reviews and Awards

Matt Granger: IoSafe HDD Torture Testing - Water & Fire & Guns (Video)
August 2014

Photographer Matt Granger tests the G3.

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AnandTech: ioSafe 1513+ Review: A Disaster-Resistant Synology DS1513+
August 2013

The emergence of the digital economy has brought to fore the importance of safeguarding electronic data. The 3-2-1 data backup strategy involves keeping three copies of all essential data, spread over at least two different devices with at least one of them being off-site or disaster-resistant in some way. It is almost impossible to keep copies of large frequently updated data sets current in an off-site data backup strategy. This is where companies like ioSafe come in with their lineup of fire- and waterproof storage devices.

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Trusted Reviews: ioSafe 1513+ review
July 2014

ioSafe specialises in rugged NAS and the 1513 is the biggest and toughest of them all. It also continues ioSafe's relationship with Synology and - much like the ioSafe 214 was based on the Synology DS214 - this new flagship has a Synology DS1513 at its core.

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Apple Insider: ioSafe 214 disaster-proof NAS packs in high-end features, unparalleled protection
June 2014

Many companies are in the business of keeping data safe from digital threats like hackers and viruses, but few focus on the physical dangers of storing it on-site. ioSafe built its brand on so-called "disaster-proof" servers and the latest two-bay 214 model strikes the perfect balance of protection and price.

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Lon Seidman: ioSafe 214 NAS Review
June 2014

We all know that the best way to protect data from disaster is to back it up and take the backups off site. And the reason of course is that if your office burns down or floods, the very fragile hard drives holding that data will be destroyed along with everything else.

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Adam Fowler: ioSafe 214 NAS Review
June 2014

I've looked at a few NAS units before, but generally low end devices. This unit is far from low end, having both advanced management capabilities and superb physical protection.

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Fstoppers: The Nearly Indestructible ioSafe is More Than Just an Awesome Server Array
May 2014

If you're like me (and basically every photographer I know), you're a little bit paranoid. Your heart skips a beat when you hit "Format" on your memory cards. You don't trust a source unless it's backed up. ioSafe was not originally built for photographers, but it certainly caters to them with a fireproof, water proof and basically life proof design. With the addition of specialized apps, ioSafe looks to be a the way to store and monitor your precious images and video.

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Techgage: ioSafe 214 Dual-bay Disaster-Proof NAS Review
May 2014

ioSafe has long been building NAS boxes that can take some serious, real-world abuse. We're talking water submersion, or something even more severe, like a house fire. What could make a solution like that even better? Synology's DSM software on-board sure doesn't hurt. With the 214 dual-bay option, that's just what we're dealing with.

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Madshrimps: ioSafe 214 Fire and WaterProof NAS Video Review
May 2014

ioSafe send us their latest Fire and Waterproof NAS based on Synology DS214 device. This 2-Bay storage device is meant as safe haven for your data. Let's start the trial by fire!

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CRN: 4 Effective Storage Appliances That Couldn't Be More Different
April 2014

In this slide show, we cover four of the industry's latest storage devices, each with its own special and unique capabilities aimed at a specific set of customers and use cases.

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The Dallas Morning News: A storage solution that can take serious abuse
March 2014

So the ioSafe 214 is really the best way I have found to protect your data. I believe they've pretty much thought of everything - fire, flood, theft, disk failure and even data recovery. If I had a small business, I'd buy one (or more) of these tomorrow.

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March 2014

After Hurricane Katrina in 2005, in which dozens upon dozens of lawyers suffered everything from damage to their building to a total loss of their practice, David F. Bienvenu, a New Orleans lawyer and chair of the ABA Special Committee on Disaster Response and Preparedness wrote in the ABA Journal that lawyers have "a responsibility to our clients to make sure we're adequately prepared to address possible emergencies."

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BCW: ioSafe 214 Review
March 2014

A big drawback to saving all your data on a shared storage appliance is that it becomes a single point of failure, vulnerable to fire, flood and theft. The ioSafe 214, minimises that risk by putting an otherwise standard Network Attached Storage (NAS) appliance inside a fireproof and waterproof casing, resistant to temperatures of over 840 degrees Celsius and immersion in fresh or salt water to a depth of 10 feet for up to 72 hours.

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TUAW: ioSafe 214 NAS - Keeping data safe from fire, water, and drive failures
February 2014

ioSafe has been around for a while, making mass storage devices that can survive fires and floods -- you know, the things that do happen to people and destroy their usual inexpensive backup hard drives. Lately ioSafe has teamed with Synology to add that company's DiskStation Manager (DSM) to a pair of network-attached storage (NAS) products that can withstand catastrophes, and today I'm looking at the ioSafe 214 NAS, a dual-drive disaster-proof solution.

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Larry Jordan: Product review: ioSafe 214
January 2014

The ioSafe 214 is like a black box recorder on an aircraft — if disaster strikes, this unit helps guarantee to get your data back. Designed to protect your data in fires of up to 1500 degrees for 30 minutes, or submerged in water up to 10 feet deep for three days, think of this as the "What's the worst that could happen?" box.

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Trusted Reviews: ioSafe 214 NAS review
January 2014

The ioSafe 214 is the latest two bay 'disaster proof' NAS, and a successor to the ioSafe N2. ioSafe focuses on rugged data storage products and - though well established in the US - the nine year-old California company is only now bringing its NAS boxes to Europe.

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Digital Photo Buzz: Sharing images with the ioSafe 214 storage NAS device
January 2014

We reviewed the ioSafe 214 storage NAS device a few weeks ago and today wanted to touch upon one of the really cool features with the device, sharing files. This "drive" is really much more than a normal hard drive and can be used in many ways like your own FTP server and as a local file sharing tool. Many times after a shoot is all wrapped up you need to get the final images over to your client. Burning and packaging a CD is becoming a thing of the past and can take up a lot of time. You can use the ioSafe 214 in a few ways to share your work to your clients.

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The Register: Keeping warm in winter the el Reg way - setting a NAS box ON FIRE
December 2013

Hardware reviews are typically boring, tedious affairs with a fairly predictable outcome: someone sends you a minor iteration of a product and you verify that it behaves as expected. Every now and again, however, someone makes a claim so outrageous that you simply must test whether or not it's true. Such is the case with the ioSafe 214.

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Productivityist: Review - The ioSafe NAS
November 2013

My Drobo is on its last legs. I loved it, but it's become frustrating to use (it's a first-generation model, so it's not exactly its fault). So I needed to look into a new storage solution that would sport some (or all) of the following:

  • RAID-type storage so that all of my important data is protected very well.

  • Allow me to connect with as many of the devices in my house as possible, including peripherals.

  • Work for Time Machine backups.

  • Be able to expand in capacity should the need arise.

  • The ioSafe NAS has all of those...and more.

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Digital Photo Buzz: Review of the ioSafe 214 storage NAS device
November 2013

Storage and backup are so importnat to us as digital artists today. We spend so much time and put a ton of passion into our work as photographers that having a solid backup system is key. A little while back ioSafe released a product that really peaked my interest, the 214 NAS storage system (formerly called the N2).

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The Register: Ahhh, SATISFACTION: Watch while we set a NAS on FIRE
October 2013

A vendor has made the silly mistake of claiming its kit is fireproof, prompting a certain El Reg hack to ponder where he'd left his matches...

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