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ioSafe Disaster Proof Hardware
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Waterproof Data Storage Design

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Water protection for the ioSafe disaster-proof products consists of 2 different levels of protection:

  • Flood Protection - Full immersion in water or saltwater
  • Spray/Splash Protection - Water hose spray from sprinklers or the fire department

ioSafe uses a patented water barrier technology call HydroSafe to protect your data. HydroSafe technology is designed to protect data loss from fresh or salt water damage, including full immersion. Simultaneously, HydroSafe technology still allows the heat dissipation required by all computer hardware during normal operation.

All ioSafe products are inherently flood resistant and designed to prevent water from damaging the data. The FloSafe vents can be closed or open - it doesn't matter.

ioSafe products can be used in many configurations to increase your chances of survival. Let us help configure a system that is right for your backup and recovery strategy.

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