ioSafe Case Studies

See how some of our customers use ioSafe disaster proof hardware to strengthen their data backup and recovery plan! Each case study is different, but all show clear benefits and return on investment.

  • The City of Livingston, a city in California

    Learn how the City of Livingston eliminated its tape backup process and now saves $20,000 per year with ioSafe!

  • Harmony Cellars, a winery

    Having lost its business data during an earthquake, this winery needed a way to protect its data the next time disaster struck. Help arrived by way of the ioSafe S1, a disk based data storage product that is fireproof, waterproof and can withstand a building collapse!

  • Synergeering Group, a government contractor

    This company needed a new system for secure data backup and recovery. With ioSafe products, they achieved greater peace of mind knowing business data is safe and secure.

  • US Fish & Wildlife Services, a federal agency

    Biologists needed to protect research data, especially irreplaceable data on fish, wildlife and plants. Find out how ioSafe helps protect the data that helps them protect America's threatened resources!

  • Pascal Depuhl, a cinematographer

    Read about how a cinematographer/photographer uses ioSafe Rugged Portable drives to protect data in extreme conditions.

  • Tom Loeser, a photographer

    To a photographer, digital assets are invaluable. Read how the ioSafe Solo G3 protected an entire archive of digital photos during a devastating house fire.

  • Humble Daisy, a small business owner

    See how a small business takes advantage of ioSafe 214 NAS to improve their backup processes and business workflows.

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