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How the ioSafe Rugged Portable Protects Data In Extreme Conditions

For many years, film directors were held accountable for the logistics of creating a feature film, from managing not only the locations and the actor’s performances but also technical aspects, such as the cameras and lighting.

However, with advances in technology, there became a need for someone with both an artistic eye and the technical ability to take advantage of the necessary photographic, film and lighting equipment. From that was born the role of the cinematographer. A cinematographer is tasked with overseeing the cameras and lighting as it applies to a film set, to speed up and enhance the film making process, and to aid the director in artistic vision. A cinematographer must be an expert at capturing moving pictures while having the technical prowess to optimize the use of, and stay current with the image capture and storage technology.

The Challenges of Outdoor Cinematography
There are many challenges to cinematography itself, but moving outside can bring even more difficulty. Shooting video or photo outside requires an even higher level of expertise with photographic equipment, due to greater contrast created from direct sunlight. Furthermore, being outside means equipment is being exposed to the elements. Traditional digital storage and photographic technology, although robust, will typically not stand up to damage due to shock, water or extreme heat. Certain filmmaking such as documentary will even further test the extreme limits of the cinematographer and the equipment due to the unpredictable environmental conditions.

A Technical Artist At Work
Pascal Depuhl is a professional photographer and commercial cinematographer who, in 2012 set out to create a documentary. He traveled to Afghanistan in the winter to produce what started out as a personal project, but eventually took on a life of it’s own. Since then, the documentary has won numerous awards and footage filmed in Afghanistan has aired on National Geographic, the BBC and PBS.

The short film tells the story of Pactec, a nonprofit, humanitarian organization. Pactec provides air transportation and satellite communication in Afghanistan. The film tells the story of a little boy that will die unless he can get airlifted to get the proper treatment.

While filming in the middle of nowhere, Pascal needed his images and footage to live safely on an indestructible set of hard drives, since there are no do-overs on these projects and space is always at a premium when traveling into remote places. The only external hard drives Pascal travels with are ioSafe Rugged Portable drives.

When asked about the peace-of-mind that ioSafe provides in the extreme conditions, Pascal stated “Whether we’re filming on the Ucayali River after a 16-hour ride on a banana boat (it’s nice to know that the drives are waterproof in up to 30 feet of water), flying in a small airplane up the Wakhan Corridor in Afghanistan (resting easily, being sure that the included data recovery system will enable us to salvage this once-in-a-lifetime footage should something happen to the drive), or just traveling with any airline in the U.S., we are reassured that ioSafe drives are protected from drops of up to 10 feet and offer crush protection of 5,000 pounds.”
“ioSafe Rugged Portable drives are bus-powered, eliminating the need to carry separate power supplies to further lighten our load. We routinely bring our equipment into environmental extremes, and knowing that ioSafe drives will work as well at -25° and 10,000 feet up as in the 100 percent humidity and 90° heat of a South American jungle makes them our go-to portable mobile storage solution for road trips, especially if there are no roads.”

The ioSafe Rugged Portable addresses each of these extreme environmental problems. They are tough enough to be used in arctic or desert environments, they are shock and crush resistant, have anti-theft features and are backed by the ioSafe unique Data Recovery Service and No-Hassle Warranty. This means that if an ioSafe Rugged Portable stops working for any reason at all during the warranty period, ioSafe will repair or replace the drive and recover the data from your old drive. ioSafe does more to protect your data than any other company.

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