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Solo G3 Protects Precious Photos from Fire

Photographer Tom Loeser specializes in automotive photography, and he has shot some of the most rare and valuable cars available. In fact he has done work for Carroll Shelby Automobiles and he has photographed cars from BMW, Porsche, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Jaguar, and Mazda, as well as Chevrolet’s Corvettes, Dodge’s Vipers, and Ford’s Mustangs. He has spent 12 years shooting auto racing for events such as the Long Beach Grand Prix, Denver Grand Prix, St. Petersburg Grand Prix, and the 12 Hours of Sebring.

Tom’s photography business is not only his livelihood but also his passion. He has taken photographs for several recent books including Art of the Corvette, Art of the Mustang, and Wide Open Muscle, which highlights muscle car convertibles.

During the creative process for these books, each car can take five-to-seven hours to photograph and another five-to-seven hours to process and assemble in Photoshop. The layered files for each image can reach 650-700MB and typically are flattened to around 100MB. With 10-to-15 hours work per car and each book counting 30 or 32 automobiles, these projects represent 300 to 450 hours of shooting and processing.

Tom does all his image work on MAC workstations with all of the files written to an ioSafe Solo G3 4TB external device. He also backs up all of the data to a second ioSafe Solo G3 for redundancy.

Tom’s home - and office at home - suffered a fire in 2014, which destroyed the inside of the structure. With most of the damage came from heat and smoke, he lost a great deal of computer hardware, including several desktop systems and six hard drives. Fortunately Tom had installed his ioSafe Solo G3s prior to the fire, and he had been diligently backing up all his images and data.

After contacting ioSafe technical support, which offered him free data recovery by sending in the drives, Tom opted to retain his Solo G3 units and he was successful in cleaning them by using canned air to blow out the dust and debris. When he powered them on, the ioSafe units were fully functional and Tom recovered all his photo data.

“I tell everyone I know to buy one of these,” he said, “and in fact there’s no question that I would ever buy any other brand of backup drive. ioSafe Solo G3 external hard drives are USB 3.0 attached, and come in various storage capacities.

Combining an array of proprietary technology, the ioSafe Solo G3 with included data recovery service delivers unparalleled protection for your most precious data in a solution that is pure simplicity. Tom loves and relies on the two ioSafe Solo G3s that he owns.

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