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Humble Daisy

Humble Daisy was founded in 2002 with the goal of developing simple and elegant software solutions. Humble Daisy is the developer of ProfCast, a solution which makes lecture and presentation recording easy. They also create a software package called SonicPics which allows users to narrate their photos and images directly from their iOS device.

What was your previous backup strategy?
As a small business owner the loss of digital assets would be far more damaging than the loss of physical assets. All of the physical hardware can be replaced but our data invaluable. We previously used a combination of the Apple time capsule with a dual drive RAID system for both manual backups and automatic Time Machine backups. We then stored the RAID system in a fireproof, waterproof safe.

Why did you choose ioSafe?
When my fireproof waterproof safe that I was using for paper documents as well as to securely store my backup drives for disaster recovery failed to open reliably, I started searching for replacement. However, what I found was that most of these safes had the same design flaws as the safe that was failing. I then rethought my backup plan and began to look for disaster recovery backup hardware.

I had used a USB drive in the past to conduct archives of my time capsule and the backups that it held, but there was no easy way to automate these archives. This required me to remember to do this manually, and considering my track record, became the weakest link in my backup.

We also looked at public cloud solutions, but did not consider them to be a good fit due to our network performance and security concerns. We work with very large files (in the gigabytes) and backing up incremental changes would have a considerable impact on our network bandwidth. Secondly, we didn’t trust any of the cloud backup providers. This was not due to a bad experience, per se, but like many small businesses, we felt more comfortable keeping data protected in-house.

Then I came across the ioSafe 214 NAS powered by Synology Disk Station Manager. The ioSafe 214 is a fireproof and waterproof, network connected, multidrive NAS/RAID storage device for terabytes business and personal data. The 214 allows for fast access on our local network and remote access from nearly any device connected to the Internet - all secured and protected by our business. I decided that this was an excellent solution for data safeguarding needs as it would secure our data on-site while also providing cloud-like benefits anywhere access to data, mobile support, and the private cloud file sharing capabilities.

How did ioSafe products improve your backup and workflow?
I configured the 214 software to set up the ioSafe NAS system RAID mirror with two separate network shares. My primary concern was data integrity with redundancy and decided to use one network share for storing and sharing personal files. The second network share is used for Time Machine backups for our business data. Additionally the 214 is plugged into a battery backup system to provide additional protection and graceful shutdown during power outages.

The system has been great for us. The 214 resides in out-of-the-way location on-premises and provides encrypted, automatic backup for computers, and storage space for larger and frequently use files such as software installers movies music and critical business files.

The ioSafe 214 NAS protects our data in multiple ways. First it protects us from data loss from drive failure with the RAID protection, and we can simply replace the drive in the event of a failure with a new one to restore redundancy. Second the unit keeps redundant copies of all client computer data so that we can restore very quickly in the event of a client system failure.

And third the proprietary ioSafe fireproof, waterproof technology protects the backup data in the event of a devastating disaster to our building. ioSafe gives us the peace of mind that our data will be intact using multiple layers of protection, even in a worst-case scenario.

Read more about the ioSafe 214 NAS here

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