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Customer Profile

CompuFix, an Alberta-based managed services provider, IT consultancy and reseller for ioSafe backup and disaster recovery solutions, uses its 25-years of experience to provide customers with the best solutions to fit their business needs. The company partners with industry-leaders to provide best-in-class products and services that enable its customers to focus on their businesses, rather than on IT.

Backup Challenges

Building a reliable backup and disaster recovery plan can be challenging for any business, but it is especially challenging for small businesses. “Larger enterprises have the budget and in-house expertise needed to design and implement very solid storage and backup strategies, but small businesses usually do not,” said Gord Hunt, the owner of CompuFix.

The challenges often result in small businesses using systems that are difficult to manage, unreliable or which do not completely protect data from events such as fires and floods. “When we visit a new customer for the first time, we often find that their backup systems are wholly inadequate,” said Hunt. “That’s not good enough. When disaster strikes, a business needs to know with one-hundred percent certainty that all its data has been backed up, that it’s recoverable and that it can be recovered fast.

ioSafe Simplified Everything

ioSafe fire- and waterproof products deliver an out-of-the-box answer to a business’s storage, backup, disaster recovery, business continuity, video surveillance and file sharing needs. From simple direct-attached backup devices to hybrid cloud NAS, servers and backup and disaster recovery (BDR) appliances, ioSafe solutions provide businesses of all sizes with a hassle-free way to better protect their data and manage everything. 

“ioSafe devices have enabled us to transition the majority of our clients from unreliable and temperamental solutions including tape and standard USB hard drives,” said Hunt. “Backups are now safe and secure which gives our clients the confidence that their data is secure from any threat whether it be environmental, theft or ransomware. The safety and value is unsurpassed and we will continue to use ioSafe to protect our clients business data.”

“CompuFix is a fantastic partner which really cares about its customers,” said Leif Watkins, Sales Manager at ioSafe. “Supplying them with solutions that their customers love enables both our companies to grow.”

About ioSafe

ioSafe designs and builds award-winning fire- and waterproof data storage solutions. Our products are used for physical protection, private/hybrid cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solutions for businesses of all sizes, creative professionals and home users. Like an aircraft black box for critical data, ioSafe improves recovery point and time objectives while reducing costs and simplifying infrastructure.


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