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K.L. Security Enterprises, an ioSafe value added reseller (VAR) in the Midwest, specializes in selling security products that protect paper and digital assets. Since 2005, they have been highly successful at marketing and selling ioSafe disaster proof hardware. We sat down with Johnny Klemme, to hear about their experiences and learn the secrets to their success.

As a reseller of the ioSafe products, what kind of demand have you seen from the market for this new breed of data storage device?

"The demand for reliable data storage is huge and growing. Couple that with the increased awareness and focus on business continuity, data security and recoverability from flood, fire, or other natural disaster and it is very apparent that businesses worldwide have a definite need for ioSafe's disaster proof products. It's clear that companies are currently shifting from using obsolete tape backup technology to disk based backup for greater reliability and security. So the market continues to grow at a rapid rate for businesses of all sizes."

How easy is it to sell an ioSafe product?

"Selling an ioSafe product revolves around education and understanding, and for the most part is a very easy sell. For the IT professionals this is usually easiest, as they are fully aware and educated on the benefits (cost savings, time savings, regulatory compliance, etc.) that automated disaster proof disk backup offers. When working with small businesses, it comes down to education. By that I mean once the client understands the value an ioSafe product offers for data storage, security and recovery then the initial sticker shock seems to disappear."

What are the typical challenges that you have to overcome when a prospect calls?

"First off, as a business continuity consultant it's important to identify the current backup strategy a prospect has in place. By doing so I can pinpoint the holes in the current strategy and where the ioSafe device can supplement, or in some cases replace the current hardware that is being used. Being able to articulate the cost savings of using ioSafe technology and hardware is very important in the entire process. Prospects need to understand the value a disaster proof computer has to offer."

What are the key selling points that you've found to be most effective to convert a prospect into a buyer?

"Automation of the backup process - you plug it in and walk away without a worry. Supplement that with the Disaster Recovery Plan and Support, and conversions happen quickly. Analogies to the black box from an airplane also work well. A final selling point is active air cooling - everyone knows that heat is a huge enemy to computer reliability."

How has it been to work with ioSafe as a partner?

"Working with ioSafe has been a pleasure from day one. Not only does the entire team have the IT experience and knowledge, but they provide the best support. ioSafe truly believes that their product can help businesses worldwide and that passion is what sets them apart."

What advice would you give to another reseller considering becoming an ioSafe VAR?

"My advice would be that you understand how the product functions from a computer hardware perspective. Treat ioSafe like a disaster proof computer - not just a backup hard drive. The added value that ioSafe products have is useful to any business - from mom and pop businesses to Fortune 50 companies. With ioSafe you are treated very well and are not just another number. The entire staff, from manufacturing to upper management, is fantastic people to work with. They will always go the extra mile to make sure every reseller and the end-users are satisfied with a high quality product and phenomenal support."

About K.L. Security Enterprises, Inc.

With over 40 years combined experience helping business and enterprise clients protect and preserve data, documents and valuables, K.L. Security continues to deliver the highest levels of customer service and value to the supply chain. Specializing in helping clients meet their goals for security, risk mitigation and diverse project requirements, the team at K.L. Security believes that you deserve the best experience possible.

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