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About Sierra Energy

Sierra Energy is a waste gasification and renewable energy company founded in Davis, California in 2004. Sierra Energy’s FastOx gasifier converts nearly any form of waste into clean renewable energy.

Russell McGinnis, Chief Information Officer at Sierra Energy is tasked with building an infrastructure allowing the engineering team to collaborate, store, and protect data for local and remote access. Any small business is concerned with implementing IT strategies that allow employees to work more efficiently, and maybe more importantly, introducing new systems that do not create new problems. Russell did not want to introduce any new data storage and accessibility issues, and needed a storage solution which was quick to install and implement. 

The Challenge

With one datacenter supporting 25 employees, Sierra energy has a small wired and wireless network with a need to access and store data on-premise and remotely. They also needed a solution, which was fast enough to read and write large design and engineering files for multiple employees. Also important was the ability to protect data in the event of a technical failure such as a hard drive or networking component, as well as the ability to withstand data loss in the event of a disaster. Meeting performance needs and data protection requirements, Sierra Energy chose the ioSafe 214 Network Attached Storage server.

The Solution

The ioSafe 214 NAS stores confidential company files, as well as the mission critical documents and plans used to develop the sales platform to bring FastOx gasification to market. To provide an additional layer of disaster recovery, the ioSafe 214 is backed up to an external USB attached hard drive. Using the built in Synology® Disk Station Manager operating system features, sends hourly snapshots of the NAS to the external drive taking, allowing for incremental point-in-time file and directory recovery. Paramount to the Sierra Energy infrastructure is the ability to protect files from fires or water damage. They selected the ioSafe 214 NAS for its fireproof and waterproof features to be prepared if disaster strikes. Deployed in less than one hour, the 214 began serving shared storage and instantly protected data using RAID 1 disk mirroring. Compared to storage systems that Russell had installed in the past, the ioSafe NAS went live in a single day and allowed near-instant collaboration and data protection. The 214 replicates itself nightly to the Amazon Cloud for an extra layer of redundancy with an off-site copy of the most critical data. Although some of the data stored on the 214 is temporary, and some may be stored in perpetuity, the ioSafe features allow for flexible options for retention, security and data protection.

Sierra Energy chose the ioSafe 214 NAS because it was easy to instantly deploy and had the required built-in security features for a small business without an active directory domain. As an added bonus the 214 has a great price to performance ratio with the best on-site disaster protection available in any network attached storage system. Russell stated, “I’d be a little worried with the $100 NAS solution. The ioSafe unit has been great”

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