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ioSafe Customers

ioSafe customers come from a variety of industries, including government, finance, healthcare, accounting, legal, technology and consultancy. See what they have to say about our disaster-proof data storage products and services in our case studies.

"The ioSafe solution has been the answer to all of our problems. Tape backup was a real hassle to operate, and so often we didn't even change the tape. Since implementing the ioSafe product, I have more peace of mind to then focus on revenue-generating activities. Our IT guys also have more time to work on other projects. So not only does the ioSafe product save money for us, but it allows us to be more productive in other areas.

"I highly recommend the ioSafe solution to every SMB out there. It's affordable for SMBs like ours and a fantastic IT investment given all the benefits it brings. It's a turnkey solution; we just plugged it in and it's been protecting our data ever since and without a hitch. It's also scalable to support our business growth. The bottom line is that we're thrilled with it."

- Tom Gogoe, owner of Synergeering Group

"There are plenty of data storage products on the market, but we needed a disaster-proof system in case of an emergency like a fire or flood. Most conventional devices simply can't protect our data when disaster strikes. So we selected the ioSafe S1 device. It offers the highest value for a 500 GB storage device with built-in fireproof and waterproof security. It's perfect for what we needed."

- Scott Ralston, Biologist at US Fish & Wildlife Services

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