Data Storage Strategies

Tape Drives, Online or Off Site Vaulting and Upgrading Disk Drive Technology

We understand each company has its own set of data backup and storage needs and constraints. However we can make some assumptions: Everyone uses tape backup vaulting (LTO, DLT, VXA, etc), online vaulting, and/or a traditional disk based system. Everyone wants better RPOs, RTOs, and data security. Everyone wants a lower cost solution. You might have a small stand alone operation or a distributed network of hard to backup off site or remote locations. Either way, here we show how ioSafe can strengthen your current backup tape or online vaulting recovery plan:

Replace or Supplement Tape Backup The ioSafe disk based backup solution is much faster, more effective and more convenient than tape based strategies. It's real-time, continuous and automated. Using ioSafe can save hundreds or thousands of IT hours and eliminate the risk of human errors. Industry analysts have long noted that tape backups fail as much as 50% of the time. That's why many IT managers view ioSafe as a tape replacement. Click for more details.
Replace or Supplement Online Backup ioSafe provides real-time continuous data backup, allowing excellent recovery point objectives. It's an onsite solution providing superb recovery time objectives. When your internet connection is down or intermittent, your backup strategy will not be compromised. With ioSafe you do not have a period of vulnerability between backup windows that is inherent to the typical online backup strategy. The ioSafe solution does not add any further congestion to your already heavily used WAN. Use ioSafe to either replace or supplement online vaulting. Click for more details.
Replace or Supplement Traditional Disk-based Systems If you're using traditional disk based backup, your data will be destroyed in the event of a fire, flood, or building collapse. These typical storage devices weren't designed to withstand disasters. ioSafe products are just as easy to use, provide the same level of high performance, but also provide disaster protection which is essential to any complete data backup strategy. It gives you great value for broader data protection. Click for more details.

You're in good company with ioSafe