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Balancing Physical Security and Disaster Recovery
Three Best Practices of Disaster Proof Hard Drive Technology

In the world of data protection, balances exist when implementing a comprehensive plan. Security, disaster recovery, ease of use, compliance and cost are often considered and compromises must be reached for companies of any size. Balancing all the aspects of data storage requires a multi-faceted solution.

The IT department wants a system that is easy to manage. The compliance officer wants a system that is easy to audit. End users demand simplicity. CEOs care more about profits than disaster recovery plans. Different company divisions will have conflicting goals and objectives — you can't have it all. Or can you?

Download our white paper to learn more about how to use disaster proof hardware as a tool to strike the balance between security and DR.

ioSafe Cost Calculator for Data Protection

This white paper, in the form of an Excel spreadsheet calculator, outlines a powerful cost calculation and decision making technique for data backup purposes. Using the Cost Calculator and Decision Matrix, one can make logical data backup decisions based on any number of complicated factors.

The Real Problem: Humans in the Loop

This white paper outlines the proper use of disaster proof hardware technology in order to minimize human error and maximize security.

Does Your Business Avoid The Public Cloud Due To Privacy Concerns? No Problem.

This brief white paper discusses the issues storing confidential corporate data in the public cloud and how ioSafe can help your business build a secure, disaster-proof, private cloud.

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