Solution Briefs

Does Your Business Avoid The Public Cloud Due To Privacy Concerns? No Problem.

This brief white paper discusses the issues storing confidential corporate data in the public cloud and how ioSafe can help your business build a secure, disaster-proof, private cloud.

ioSafe Disaster-Proof Storage for Healthcare Organizations

ioSafe Network Attached Storage (NAS) provides a secure, reliable, and affordable backup and file sharing solution for doctor’s offices, medical clinics, hospitals, and other medical organizations. Powered by the intuitive and feature-rich Synology® Disk Station Manager (DSM), the ioSafe NAS solutions offer administrators a storage solution, which meets HIPAA guidelines, with additional protection from disaster such as fire, flooding and theft.

ioSafe Technology Prevents Downtime and Data Loss for the Small Business

ioSafe offers storage solutions that are uniquely designed to protect data from natural disaster and allow businesses to recover data in minutes, instead of hours or days. The fireproof and waterproof features of ioSafe network attached storage and direct attached storage create the only on-site disaster recovery storage solutions available today.

ioSafe Disaster Proof Storage for Distributed IT Environments

For distributed IT environments ioSafe recommends a multi-layered data redundancy approach, combining the proprietary fireproof and waterproof hardware with advanced software options for backup, replication and mobile access.

The Hidden Aspect of Disaster Planning: Data

Access to data after a fire, flood or other catastrophe can make or break your organiza- tion. Here’s why your business or agency may be at risk and what you can do to acceler- ate your time to recovery.

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