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ioSafe Disaster Proof Hardware
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As close to "everythingproof" as it gets.

The rugged ioSafe SoloPRO SSD is the most resilient fireproof waterproof hard drive we've ever made. Packed full of intense data protection technology and versatile connectivity and solid state performance, the SoloPRO SSD is the ultimate external hard drive. Learn more >

Fireproof - Protects data from loss up to 1550°F for 1/2 hour per ASTM E119
Waterproof - Protects data from loss up to 30ft for 30 days
Crush/Shockproof - Up to 5000lbs and 1000g
Microsoft Server, Linux, Mac and PC Compatible
Data Recovery Service - Up to $5000/TB for forensic recovery + Advanced Replacement
USB 2.0 and eSATA Connectivity
Featuring Intel® Solid-State Drive 320 Series, the super-fast hard drive alternative

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