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Protect your data from disaster with ioSafe

Sales +1 (530) 820-3090 x410 or sales@iosafe.com

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The ioSafe product line is part of the CDSG family, which is renowned for its role in data security and data transport for governments, military organizations, and businesses worldwide.

ioSafe, with our patented fireproof and waterproof data storage technology, as well as our comprehensive Data Recovery Service, provides the peace of mind for our customers that their data is always protected—and should the unthinkable happen, they can get back up and running faster than any other available solution.

Our products are designed and developed in the United States. Businesses, individuals, and government agencies all over the world rely on ioSafe to protect their data from disasters caused by fire and flood—and broken plumbing.

Our NAS devices are powered by Synology’s popular DiskStation Manager operating system, making them as simple and intuitive to use as they are powerful and protective.

ioSafe USA Corporate Headquarters

10600 Industrial Ave Suite 120, Roseville, CA 95678 Google Map

Monday – Thursday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Pacific

Friday 8:00 AM – 12:30 PM Pacific

Email: info@iosafe.com

Main Phone: +1 (530) 820-3090
Customer Service: x400 or open a help ticket
Technical Support: x450 or open a help ticket
Sales: x410, sales@iosafe.com
Media Inquiries: mediainquiries@iosafe.com
Disaster Support: x430, disastersupport@iosafe.com


Technical Support

Phone: +49-241-705254545
Email: iosafedeutschland@iosafe.com


Phone: +49-2921-67105 16
Email: vertrieb@iosafe.com


United Kingdom

Phone: 020 3287 1967
Email: iosafe-uk@iosafe.com



Phone: 02 8091 1967

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