Data Recovery Service

Standard with every ioSafe device.

Total Protection for Your Data

We understand that your data is critically important and work hard to build storage devices that will protect it no matter what.

Regardless of whether your ioSafe device has been impacted by fire, water, device/component or hard drive/SSD failure, we will get you back up and running as soon as possible.

The ioSafe Data Recovery Service (DRS) provides comprehensive protection against the costs associated with data recovery.

  • Thorough data recovery processes conducted by ioSafe technical experts

  • Global coverage

  • Your data can be preloaded and returned to you on a replacement device

  • Direct access to ioSafe experts

Unmatched Coverage. Standard.

Every registered ioSafe product with factory-installed hard drives (or SSDs) includes a complimentary one-time data and hardware recovery support. That means right out of the box, you get the most comprehensive data insurance policy in the world included with your ioSafe purchase.

Two years coverage is standard and you can choose to extend your coverage to five years. With the ioSafe Data Recovery Service you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your data is covered by the best data protection available. 

Data Recovery Service Coverage

Every ioSafe product shipped with factory-installed drives automatically includes 2 years of DRS which can optionally be extended to 5 years.

Coverage can be extended either at purchase or at any time during the initial coverage period. Extending the DRS also extends the hardware warranty for an equal period. In some cases, advance replacement can be arranged. Contact customer service for details.

To add the DRS to a product sold without disks or when planning to replace the factory-installed disks, contact the sales team.

Third-Party Specialist Recovery

Our experts are able to deal with most data recoveries, but if necessary, we partner with DriveSavers, an industry-leading data recovery company.

We coordinate your data recovery with DriveSavers when we’re not able to complete the recovery in-house or when compliance with privacy and security regulations such as HIPAA, SOX, GBLA or NIST is necessary.

Terms and Conditions

As applicable during the DRS period, the Company or its contracted partner will assist the original purchaser for one data recovery event without the requirement to pay a deductible. Additional events will require a deductible of $500 for the second event, $1,000 for the third event and $2,000 for the any additional events. DRS plans apply only to the original owner of the ioSafe product. Data recovery services will be performed on the registered ioSafe product for the original owner and to one registered device of the original ioSafe owner that was attached to the ioSafe product. The Company will, at its sole discretion, attempt to restore the data as detailed below.

The Company or its contracted partner will provide phone or email based support to assist in recovering the data, or

  • The Company will pay for the disaster-exposed product to be shipped back to the Company’s headquarters or, at the Company’s discretion, to a partner for data recovery. If data recovery is successful, a replacement product will be loaded with the original data and shipped back to the original user; or
  • At the discretion of the Company, the Company will pay up to the total amount shown in the below to a third-party data recovery service company and/or an onsite technical support of the Company’s choice to extract the data. Any data extracted will be loaded on a replacement product and shipped back to the original user. The Company has the right to use a factory refurbished product as the replacement ioSafe branded product. Data recovery services for any device will cover the costs of data recovery only up to the total limits below subject to a maximum of $25,000 USD and will not cover replacement costs for the non-ioSafe device. Hourly rate for work associated with recovery effort is calculated at $150 per hour.

The Company’s good faith attempts to restore and recover the data in accordance with these terms and conditions shall be the purchaser’s sole and exclusive remedy and the sole and exclusive obligation of CRU with respect to the DRS and the Company shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever due to loss of data or otherwise. The Company cannot and does not guarantee that any data will be recoverable and it cannot and does not guarantee which data files are on the product or the attached computer if applicable. Data restoration or recovery shall be strictly limited to whatever files are restorable or recoverable and not what the purchaser believes to exist on the product or attached computer if applicable. The DRS is valid only upon verified, activation on the website in addition to valid registration for ioSafe branded products with proper serial numbers and activation codes for products owned by the original purchaser only. The DRS is not transferable to a third party without prior written signed consent of a CRU executive based in the United States of America.