Professional Data Protection

Client work is your business. So what happens if disaster eliminates destroys it? How do you regain your files quickly and efficiently? (And preserve your reputation in the process!)

Security In Your Work

Small and medium-sized businesses and professional practices generate data that is critical to their businesses. An accountant might be surprised by the similarities she has with her wedding photographer, especially when it comes to data storage. For professionals and SMBs, data is work created and sold, and that data has serious value. Imagine if the photographer or accountant loses their clients’ data. How can they recover irreplaceable work? What effect will losing data have on their reputation?

Best Practices for Business Backup

For many smaller businesses, knowing where to begin when it comes to data storage can be a daunting task. How much storage do I need? Should I replace drives? How long can I stand not having access to my data? Chances are, you’ve got a lot of questions. Don’t worry, we’ve got answers for you.

Featured Products

We offer a variety of products to suit many types of customers, each designed with different tasks and applications in mind. Below you’ll find the devices most popular with professionals and SMBs.


The silent ioSafe Solo G3 is great for any desktop, and is popular with professionals and small businesses that require a simple one-stop backup solution.



Our new ioSafe Duo Pro connects to your computer and creates two copies of your work at the same time, meaning that should a drive ever fail or corrupt, your data will be safe and sound.


220+ NAS

With an advanced set of features such as High Availability capability and Active Backup for Business, the ioSafe 220+ is a powerful NAS device for protecting your data.


1522+ NAS

Our flagship fireproof and waterproof five-bay 1522+ NAS device is perfect for organizations that need high-speed access to their data. The 1522+ can hold up to 70TB (expandable to 210TB) of networked storage and data protection.


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