Enterprise Data Protection

IT managers and system administrators know that a data backup flow is only as good as it scales. That’s why our devices can grow with your business.

Business Is Booming, Your Data Too

Whether you’re a mid-sized company or a Global 2000 enterprise, enterprise data protection is vital to your business. For every account you land or widget you ship, there’s critical business data being created that’s synonymous with the success of your organization. Whatever solution or workflow you employ for your data management, it’s essential that it can scale and that should disaster strike, you can recover and get back to work quickly.

With ioSafe data storage you’re assured that your data is onsite, under your control, and fire- and waterproof. In the wake of a catastrophic event – be it hurricane or leaking HVAC – your business data is readily accessible. It won’t be the IT department that holds up business recovery!

Preparing for Disasters

Businesses, especially large operations, have a lot to lose should a fire or flood break out. Our white paper outlines the varies considerations to take into account when preparing a disaster recovery and business continuity plan for your organization.

Featured Products

We offer a variety of products to suit many types of customers, each designed with different tasks and applications in mind. Below you’ll find the devices most popular with businesses and enterprises.

218 NAS

The ioSafe 218 is a nimble 2-bay NAS device great for SMBs or home offices. Straightforward backup and collaboration start here.


220+ NAS

With an advanced set of features such as High Availability capability and Active Backup for Business, the ioSafe 220+ is a powerful NAS device for protecting your data.


1520+ NAS

1522+ NAS

Our flagship fireproof and waterproof five-bay 1522+ NAS device is perfect for organizations that need high-speed access to their data. The 1522+ can hold up to 70TB (expandable to 210TB) of networked storage and data protection.


x517 Expansion

The x517 Expansion Unit adds up to 70TB of networked storage and data protection to an ioSafe 1515+, 1517, or 1019+ NAS system.


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