Disaster-Ready Data Protection for Home or Work

Get Disaster-Ready Data Protection

Data backup and recovery planning have never been more important. Millions of people are working at home and need access to critical files. Networks are overloaded. Data security is threatened by ransomware. Regulatory requirements, such as HIPAA, still matter. So do backups.

ioSafe fireproof and waterproof data storage products are perfect for ensuring your data is there when the cloud is not. Even in the face of a broken pipe or the unthinkable fire, ioSafe devices let you rest easy knowing you’re covered by the fastest way to get your data—and business—back online. 


of small businesses fail after a disaster unless they can reopen within 5 days¹


of small businesses never recover after a disaster²


of small businesses don't protect their data at all³

Every business and every home relies on data they can’t afford to lose.

If you lose critical data to broken plumbing, flood, or fire chances are your business is not coming back. Certainly not any digital documents, photos, or records. Protect your data—and your home or business—with fireproof and waterproof data storage.

Data Protection For You

Everyone, home or business, needs to protect their data from the ravages of fire or destructive forces of water. ioSafe has a full range of products for personal data protection and the home office worker, professional and small business users, and distributed sites or departments in an enterprise.

Choose your situation from below to see what products we recommend for you.


Yesterday’s shoebox is today’s hard drive. Don’t leave important photos, financial records, and other important documents—including work for your home-based business—unprotected in the face of disaster.



Your professional practice or small business likely has financial, medical, or other sensitive or business-critical information stored onsite. ioSafe has disaster-proof storage and data protection for you.



All around the world, businesses rely on our NAS fireproof and waterproof storage devices. Whether catastrophe is in the form of fire, water, or even cyberattack, make ioSafe part of your business data recovery planning.




“When I am on location filming or photographing, there’s no going back and reshooting that interview or waiting for that perfect moment to capture again. I’m in a one-chance-to-get-it-right kind of business, and it is not fun when data gets lost or corrupted. That’s why I always have my ioSafe drives in my bags to bomb-proof my video clips and photography.”

– Pascal Depuhl, Cinematographer


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