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Why recertified?

Not everyone needs a brand new, out-of-the-box device. That’s why, whenever an ioSafe device is returned, we certify each device to factory specifications, and rigorously test to make sure they’re running at peak performance. For even more peace of mind, every recertified device registered with us includes a two-year hardware warranty and free Data Recovery Service (DRS).

Recertified device quantities are limited. Questions? Contact us.

Solo G3 HDD [Recertified]

  • Desktop External Hard Drive
  • Fireproof
  • Waterproof
  • Theft-proof

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218 NAS [Recertified]

  • Diskless NAS
  • Fireproof 
  • Waterproof 
  • Theft-proof 

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What does "recertified" mean?

ioSafe recertified products typically start their life as a returned product from a customer. Some are new in an unopened box, while others may have been used and exhibited some problem, which we fix and rigorously test. We won’t recertify a device with an obvious scratch across the front or top of the unit. These units may also have some power on hours, but not more than 100 hrs.

What is the recertification process?

No matter how the device starts its journey, it undergoes a careful recertification process. We assess it for physical damage, run system tests, and replace faulty components (if needed) to make sure the system fully functions properly.

What's the warranty on recertified devices?

ioSafe recertified devices include a straightforward, 2-year hardware warranty. Should your product stop working for any reason at all, we’ll repair or replace it. It’s as simple as that. No questions and no exclusions.

Do recertified devices include Data Recovery Service (DRS)?

For recertified devices with factory installed hard drives like Solo G3; Yes, after registering your ioSafe device, you’re covered with 2-year Data Recovery Service (DRS). DRS* is ultimate, all-inclusive protection for your device, whether it’s damaged by fire, water, hardware failure, or any other reason. Learn more about DRS

DRS is not offered for devices not shipped with Factory installed Hard drives like our Diskless DAS or NAS products.

What's the return policy on recertified devices?

ioSafe products are sold through many distributors and resellers throughout the world. All ioSafe products that were not purchased directly through must be returned through the seller you purchased the ioSafe product from.

If you purchased your ioSafe product directly from, please follow the instructions here.

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