The ioSafe Story

Dream big, aim high, succeed well

Established in 2005 in Auburn, California, ioSafe was founded with the simple goal of keeping customers’ data secure.

While that sounds like a reasonable goal, given the threats people and their data face every day from natural and human-made disasters, our task was far from easy. Throw into the mix that we’re incredibly demanding and wanted to create data storage solutions that are virtually invincible in the face of fire, water and other mayhem, well, it’s been an incredible ride.

Today, ioSafe is winning hearts, minds, and customers with our award-winning fireproof and waterproof data storage solutions featuring multi-bay NAS and single drive USB storage hardware used across the globe by businesses and home users. Too, we’re home to PROTECT, the industry’s best service and support program. As the world’s leader in disaster-proof hardware, ioSafe has helped our channel partners grow their businesses by opening new markets and opportunities.

It’s exciting to see where we’ve come from and where we’re going. We still design and build our products in California—it’s a great place to live and work! We’re committed to constant innovation and to our customers who look to us for the best physical protection, private/hybrid cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solutions. And, ioSafe continues to improve recovery point and time objectives while reducing costs and simplifying infrastructure.

That’s our story.

You're in good company with ioSafe