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We offer a variety of disaster-proof products, each with different strengths and features. Take a quick look at our product lineup to find the product for you.

Industry Leading Technology

Setting the standard for disaster proof protection

For more than a decade, ioSafe has been developing industry-leading technology to secure business and personal data against a full range of natural and man-made disasters, including theft and equipment failure. We pioneered and perfected fireproof and waterproof data storage solutions for physical protection, private/hybrid cloud-based backup and disaster recovery, thus ensuring life and business continue uninterrupted. Our commitment to continuous development, real product upgrades and enhancements have won the loyalty of resellers and OEMs who recognize it’s what’s inside the box that counts.

ioSafe’s award-winning technology is recognized for extreme performance, ease of integration and affordability. For these and other reasons, ioSafe is the preferred choice of businesses of all sizes, creative professionals and home users.

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