Introducing the ioSafe Duo Pro

Today we’re excited to announce the ioSafe Duo ProThe Duo Pro is our most reliable direct-attach storage (DAS) fireproof and waterproof storage device ever.

Equipped with robust NAS hard drives, the Duo Pro adds to the peace of mind provided by our recent Duo external hard drive.

Reliability and performance

Unlike standard desktop hard drives, NAS drives are designed for continuous operation and increased reliability. That means the Duo Pro is the perfect workhorse for businesses and professionals looking for:

  • Direct-attach external storage
  • High-performance connectivity speed
  • RAID 1 data redundancy to protect against drive failure
  • NAS hard drive longevity
  • The ioSafe fundementals: protection from fire, floods, or broken plumbing
H.G. Blakeman

H.G. Blakeman

Marketing Communications Specialist

Telling ioSafe success stories and making it easier for customers to find the perfect data protection solution for their needs. When off the clock, H.G. writes, designs typefaces, and walks his scrappy little terrier. He loves getting outside to enjoy the sun, mow the lawn, or ride his bike.

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