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ioSafe Solo G3

USB 3.0 Fireproof Waterproof External Hard Drive + Data Recovery Service

Like an aircraft black box for your data, the ioSafe Solo G3 and Data Recovery Service together offer you an unparalleled level of data protection. Combining advanced technology and elegant design, the rugged ioSafe Solo G3 delivers an unmatched level of fire and water protection for your digital life at a price everyone can afford. And if the unfortunate happens, the ioSafe Data Recovery Service is there to help restore your disaster exposed data and hardware — no matter the circumstance.

Families, businesses, and enterprises alike turn to the ioSafe Solo G3 and Data Recovery Service for the added peace of mind of knowing their digital lives — their memories, media, portfolios, data, and records — are protected by the by the ultimate external hard drive and ultimate safety net. The ioSafe Solo G3 protects the memories, media and data you can't afford to lose, at a price you can afford to pay. How valuable is your digital life?

  • Fireproof — Protects data from loss up to 1550°F for 1/2 hour
  • Waterproof — Protects data from loss up to 10ft for 72 hours
  • Data Recovery Service — Up to $2500 for forensic recovery
  • USB 3.0/USB 2.0 Connectivity- Mac and PC Compatible1, 2
  • Capacities from 2TB to 3TB1

1For capacities of 3TB and higher, support is limited to Windows 7 and Mac's with Intel Processor.

2The Solo G3 does not support Windows Server or Linux. If support for these operating systems is needed, please choose the eSATA SoloPRO.

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