Tragedy in Ice and Fire

During the bitterly cold and blustery night on January 16, 2024, four separate fire departments scrambled to the farm and equipment showroom of a Mennonite businessman in rural Ohio.  With the wind chill around -11F, the water from the fire trucks...

Wildfire Prep: 7 Essentials to Pack in Your Emergency Go Bag

An emergency go bag should be at the top of everyone's disaster planning checklist. Wildfires, hurricanes, earthquakes—whichever natural or manmade disaster strikes, they hit fast, and you need a one-stop grab-and-go for all the essentials. To...

Protecting Data as a Digital Nomad (Part 3)

Photo: Annie Wynn In this three-part series, we’re taking a look at why backups matter, especially for digital nomads, and how to create and execute a backup strategy that fully protects your digital life. Whether you’re full-timing in an Airstream...

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How Often Should You Back Up Your Data?

How Often Should You Back Up Your Data?

Working for a company with “Data Security” in the name, I spend a lot of my day thinking about backups and data. What usually comes to mind is ways of backing up, securing, encrypting, and otherwise...

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